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Tumbling & Trampoline
Ages 6 & up

Summer 2017

June 13 - August 28

Level 1                             $180/Term
Floor: Foward & backward rolls, cartwheels
Trampoline: Straight jumps, tuck jumps, straddle jumps, seat drops, seat drop to back drop
Double Mini Trampoline: Hurdle to tramp, straight jump, tuck jumps, straddle jumps
Monday 3:30-4:55   Wednesday 5:00-6:25
Tuesday 5:00-6:25   Friday 9:00-10:25
Wednesday 10:30-11:55      
tramp bounce
Level 2                             $180/Term
Floor:Handstand rolls, bridge kickovers, back handspring with spot, front handspring with spot
Trampoline: Swivel hips, front drop, front tuck with spot, back tuck with spot
Double Mini Trampoline:front and back tucks with spot
Monday 5:00-6:25   Wednesday 9:00-10:25
Tuesday 3:30-4:55   Friday 10:30-11:55
back drop
Level 3                             $180/Term
Floor: Front and back handsprings, round off back handspring
Trampoline: Front somersault pike, back somersault piked, back layout
Double Mini Trampoline: Front tuck off end of tramp, front somersault mount, 1/2 turn back tuck off end of tramp
Monday 6:30-7:55   Wednesday 3:30-4:55
tramp spot